Vansa is committed to spreading the light of the angels in Dubai and conducts mediations like 'Earth Day' and 'Healing with the Archangels' in an endeavor to help awakening souls to understand how to communicate and channel wisdom the support from the angelic realm and anchor the brilliance of the 5th dimension on planet earth & herald 'The Golden Age'.

A Qualified Angel & Transform your Life Teacher from the Diana Cooper School of White Light



Angel Healing

  Always had a fascination to connect with the angelic realm, your invisible friend? Then this program is for you!  SWe go on a exciting journey  to connect with your guardian angel, the angels & masters, open your intuitive abilities and become a channel to receive wisdom from the angelic realm. We discover who the angels are and how we can they can help us receive wisdom, healing and inspiration to walk our divine path on earth with confidence and ease. 


Transform Your Life

We all have the ability to transform our lives. Diana Cooper shows us how to awaken to our soul’s purpose. Step by step, she take us through the process needed to change the way we think and live our lives, so that we can create a better reality for ourselves and others. Say something interesting about your business here.



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