Thetahealing, Angel Healing & more!

Thetahealing, Angel Healing & more!

Thetahealing, Angel Healing & more!Thetahealing, Angel Healing & more!Thetahealing, Angel Healing & more!

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Welcome To Angels Awakening Platform!

A platform created with the intention to share the Creator's Unconditional Love with the world with wisdom that can help you awaken the brilliance within and chart a journey that is aligned to your heart's calling.

ABOUT The facilitator

A well-known Holistic Therapist, Life Coach & Corporate Wellness Consultant in Dubai, UAE. Vansa Bali has graduated in Psychology & Behavioral Neuroscience from Northeastern University, Boston, USA and practices as a ThetaHealing® Instructor, Qualified Angel Teacher from the Diana Cooper School of White Light, CTI Coach, Energy Medicine Practitioner, Feng Shui Consultant, Reiki Master & Teacher, Sound & Vibrational Therapist, Spiritual Response Therapy Practitioner & Crystal Healer. 

After witnessing the astonishing capability of energy healing techniques to heal and awaken the brilliance within, Vansa felt inspired to share this wisdom with the world. She facilitates various seminars and programs with the aim to empower children and adults with self-development techniques that can awaken clarity, confidence and motivation in achieving one's highest potential

With a desire to create a warm and joyful journey to self-exploration & discovery, Vansa infuses creativity, engaging activities and games in her approach to sharing these powerful techniques. Over the years, she has witnessed many people awaken to their dreams and chart a course of success & fulfillment.

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 Once we recognize how we create our reality, healing is inevitable. In energy work, healing can help bring shift from dis-ease to a level of awakening. 

With this approach, I address mental health concerns, physiological issues such as cancer, tumor, migraines, flus, arthritis, aches & pains etc and offer services in relationship counseling. 



Do you often find yourself setting goals but losing the motivation midway to achieve them? In which case, you need a coach! 

As a coach and energy healer, I can help you develop greater clarity towards setting clear and achievable goals and help  release fears that hold you back from bringing your goals to successful fruition.



If you would like to dream big, achieve goals & align to your divine purpose, it's important to make wellbeing your lifestyle, your best friend.

I conduct Thetahealing programs, courses & meditations that bring self development tools to your doorstep so you may heal yourself & feel motivated to dream big & take charge of your life.

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